Safety Equipment Supplies

Safety workwear Gold Coast, the best priced Safety Equipment Supplies – Australia is thankfully one of the most safety-conscious countries in the world.  Safety is of utmost importance in the workplace and so obtaining high quality personal protective equipment is a must.

At Workwear Plus Australia, we offer a large variety of items to keep you and your team safe, comfortable and looking presentable.  Whether it’s protection from the sun, toxic materials or physical hazards in the workplace, our carefully selected range will have you covered.

Personal Protective Equipment for Superior Safety

From our personal protective equipment range, you can choose from items ranging from dust masks and sunscreens, through to safety glasses, gloves, reflective tape, sun hats, hard hats, hearing protection, respiratory gear and much more.

Looking for a Safety Shop near me? or if you’re uncertain about the safety equipment product for you, feel free to speak with one of our professional customer service team members for expert advice.  We can be contacted on (07) 5500 4270.  Get the personal protective equipment you can trust from Workwear Plus Australia.

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